Coronavirus Safety measures

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Coronavirus is a pandemic disease which is originated from China and later it had expand to all over the world. Many lockdown decisions were taken and unlock also happening by keeping certain limitations. so there must be some safety measures should be taken by people.

Sanitizer and Hand Wash wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap or germs killing solutions like Dettol and even can use sanitizer having 60% alcohol after you sneeze, cold, cough, or after coming from public space , do not put unwashed hand on your mouth, face. If you sneeze or cough do not use hands instead use tissue paper and dispose it after use and if not having tissue paper then use elbow , also keep many bottles of sanitizer at your home.

Social Distancing must maintain a distance with people atleast 6 feet , avoid going to public places, or crowd areas, avoid engagement with people , go out of your home when it is needed and if going cover your face with mask . a mask which enough for to take air pass like the doctor used the surgical face mask or if not having mask the you can use a cloth mask that is also good to prevent disease ,do not go around people who are coughing, having cold, or fever.

Travelling Avoid travelling at different places, when it is necessary like going at home or for offices use personal segment, no public transport , keep sanitizers with you and use it very often while travelling , wear mask , gloves avoid touching around things, try less to communicate with people, and if communicating maintain a particular distance. Also you can order grocery items, fruits and other things through online so no need to go outside for the same and everything is available now online.

Cleaning Clean the things regularly like the desk, table, light lamp, chair, and do regular dusting , cleaning of your home while doing it cover your face with mask and wear gloves and later wash mask and gloves and do it on regular basis also, also wash grocery items, fruits, vegetables as many people touched it, so before having it must clean it very carefully.

Build Immunity System must build your immunity so strong that it can kill the virus , should have only home made food, avoid junk food, prefer to have turmeric hot milk, multivitamin tablets, avoid cold things only have hot water so it can kill the germs at earlier stage if virus enters into your body and will not reach to your respiratory system. Maintain your diet in a systematic way , do exercise regularly so to release out the sweat, take steam on alternative basis. If you feel are not feeling well, or having a fever or a little and or some kinds of symptoms of Coronavirus immediately consult to doctor.

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